Ministry of Science and Technology and Technology Committee of CMC Published the Thirteenth Five-year Subject Plan on Civil-Military Integrated Development

2017-09-18 964 times

Civil-military integration on science and technology is a cross point of Innovation Driven Development Strategy, Civil-military Integrated Development Strategy and Reform and Military Reinforcement Strategy. It is a strategic plan to promote scientific innovation development and to improve the level of national defense and the modernization of the armed forces.


According to the Plan, a general system of military-civil collaborative innovation should be formed by the year 2020 to promote a deep integrated development in multiple areas. 


The Plan pointed out the focus of civil-military integration on science and technology:


First, strengthen the integration of science and technology military and civilian macro-co-ordination. The focus is to improve the system of scientific and technological integration of military and civilian and to promote the planning plan of convergence.


Second, strengthen the military and civilian science and technology collaborative innovation ability. It includes the overall layout of the basic research and cutting-edge technology research, implementation of subject plan of scientific and technological civil-military integration, and the implementation of national major scientific and technological projects.


Third, promote the basic resource sharing of science and technology between civilian and military, which includes system construction of mutual transformation of the military and civilian scientific and technological achievements implementation of intellectual property strategy. 


Fourth, carry out the pilot demonstration.The focus is on the construction of military and civilian science and technology collaborative innovation platform, encouragement on the construction of information technology research institutions on military and civilian integration and exploration of financial services mode.


Fifth, strengthen the construction of innovation team. The main task is to improve the utilization of civil and military personnel. 


Sixth, improve the policy system including the regulation construction and policy environment perfection.