Nanchang Enabled Nanchang 2000 Coordinate System: Any new independent coordinate system is forbidden without approval

2017-07-17 1039 times

To promote GIS data sharing and utilization and improve the surveying and mapping information service level  in Nanchang, the Nanchang government published an announcement that Nanchang 2000 coordinate system is enabled from 1st July.


According to the announcement, Nanchang 2000 coordinate system is the only legal and relatively independent plane-coordinate system. The coordinate system adopts Gauss projection. With 115°53′59″E as the central meridian, the projected surface is the reference ellipsoid in 2000 national geodetic coordinate system. The applied range for the system is from 115°27′ to 116°35′, from 28°09′ to 29°11′with a total coverage of 14840km2.


The announcement stressed that without approval by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, any parties or person is not allowed to establish a relevant independent plane-coordinate system within the Nanchang 2000 coordinate system range.


The announcement also requests that the transitional period of Nanchang 2000 tranfering from currently used local coordinate system is two years.The local coordinates can be used in the transitional period in different surveying and mapping or GIS and then gradually shifted to Nanchang 2000.All the surveying&mapping results and GIS system generated after 1st July should adopt Nanchang 2000. From 1st July, 2019, all local coordinate system will be terminated.


The announcement specified the responsibilities of each departments in starting Nanchang 2000.Nanchang Land and Resources Bureau will be responsible for the management, update and maintenance of Nanchang 2000 and its achievements.


As the announcement is published, Nanchang will take up the application and promotion of Nanchang 2000.