30 Beidou Satellites is going to be launched in China to increase navigation precision

2017-05-25 866 times


On 23rd May, the 8th CSNC was held in Shanghai. According to the plan, around 30 Beidou satellites will be launched till 2020 to provide users with precise navigation service.


According to Wang Li, the chairman of CSNSC, the current Beidou system has been providing users in Asia-pacific region with reliable spatial-temporal services including 15 satellites in stable operation and 5 new satellites in on-orbit debugging. 6-8 satellites will be launched this year and 20 more will be launched from 2018-2020.


Besides space construction, China is also establishing a Beidou augmentation system on the ground. According to Ran Chengqi, the director of CSNS office, China has finished the first phase of Beidou augmentation construction. In 2018, the second phase will be completed to cover national main area at meter and sub-meter precision.