340 sponge city projects are to be built in Kunming with a total investment of over 5.7 billion

2017-05-18 879 times

Recently, released information from Kunming reveals its plan of investing 5.755 billion RMB to build 340 sponge city projects, aiming to reserve rainwater to the maximum for utilization.


Kunming is suffering from water shortage while losing rainwater during flood season, which is supposed to be changed through sponge city program. According to the program target, 19.15 km2 of sponge city is going to be completed, including: 1.78 km2 in Wuhua District, 2.14 km2 in Panlong District, 3.12km2 in Guandu District, 1.74km2 in Xishan District, 1.92km2 in Chenggong District, 2.95km2 in Jinning District, 1.58km2 in Anning District, 1.91km2 in Economic Development District, 1.09km2 in Resort District, 0.54km2 in High-tech District and 0.36km2 in Airport Economic District.


After years of devotion, Kunming has established 211 sponge type buildings and communities, 65 sponge type roads, 51 sponge parks, 17 rainwater-sewage storage and distribution ponds and 36km2 lake ecological wetland.