To be an overall solution provider of smart city

2017-07-06 963 times

Recently, reporter interviewed Dr. Yang from LJDY, who gives a general description on smart city.


Dr. Yang, who was born in the 1970s, is a returning scholar from Germany and the board chairman of LJDY.


Smart city was first brought up as part of “Smart Earth” on an IBM conference in Nov, 2008. According to Dr. Yang, through integrating internet, cloud computing, smart sensing, communication, remote sensing, satellite positioning and GIS technology, different objects can be recognized, positioned, tracked and monitored for better management.


He also mentioned that there are three basic points in smart city construction: first, position service. Position services should be provided in different precision according to specific needs, which now depends on Beidou. Second, space recovery, which is based on 2D and 3D GIS. Third, data organization and analysis. The above three technologies are the basis of smart city construction which can be applied in urban management, public security, homeland and planning.