LJDY Promotion of national Class A surveying and mapping qualification units

2016-11-16 2725 times

The National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and GeoInformation issued [2016] No. 54 Document, approving LJDY of being promoted as a Grade A surveying and mapping unit, which marks that LJDY is a Grade A unit in photogrammetry and remote sensing, Geo-Information system project, project surveying and real estate surveying and mapping.
[2016]No.54 Document

After achieving Grade B Surveying and Mapping Qualification in 2013, LJDY has been accumulating experience in Smart Homeland, Smart Grid, Smart Pipeline and Pipe Rack Network, Beidou High Precision Application, Smart Transportation and so on with a target of “Based on 3D platform, enhance Beidou application and serve smart city”. With meticulous preparation, optimal technology, talents and capability, LJDY passed the approval successfully and achieved Grade A Surveying and Mapping Qualification.


Grade A Surveying and Mapping Qualification

Grade A Surveying and Mapping Qualification is the highest qualification in the field. LJDY’s success in achieving the Qualification is a symbol that LJDY is qualified to carry out grade A geo-information system programs, which will increase its competitiveness in the market.

Its a new start as well as a new glory. LJDY will keeping making progress through continuous innovation, maintaining leading technology, providing excellent service and bringing positive competition environment for partners to be the best 3S innovation application enterprise.