Su Weimin, General Manager of Hunan LJDY, Appointed as A Member of Changsha "3635" Talent Program

2016-11-08 2376 times

Presently, the "3635" Talent Program evaluation has been finished according to the latest announcement by Changsha Leading Group in Needed and Strategic Talents Introduction. Su Weimin, General Manager of Hunan LJDY, was appointed as a Senior Operation, Management, Research and Development Talent of Changsha "3635" Talent Program. 
Certificate of Su Weiming as a member of "3635" Talent Program
Hunan LJDY Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April, 2015 as a subsidiary of Wuhan LJDY Technology. It locates in the National High-tech Development Zone of Changsha with a registered capital is 20,000,000RMB. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in Beidou navigation software R&D and integrated application solution. It focuses on "3S+C" technology research and promotion especially the integration of Beidou high technology, industry application and innovation.
Su Weimin is introduced into LJDY as a general manager and technical director. He has extent experience in Beidou and Geo-Information management, working as a chief technical member in School of Resource and Environmental Sciences of Wuhan University, Hunan Map Publishing Company and Xiamen Yili Geo Information Technology. He has published ten more technical papers and undertaken two national basic surveying and mapping programs.

After joining Hunan LJDY, Su has been promoting the application of geo-information and Beidou technology in urban construction, homeland, grid, water conservation and other fields, contributing to the development of geo-information and Beidou technology

In order to increase the development of Beidou in Changsha, Su pushed forward the cooperation among different institutes, universities and the company, working on software R&D. Su and his team has worked on a series of Beidou software and hardware R&D such as Beidou high precision service main station, Beidou smart mobile GIS platform, Beidou high precision receiving terminal, providing support for all smart fields development.
"3635" Talent Program is led by Changsha Municipal CPC Committee, which aims to bring in lots of demanded and strategic talents, promoting the innovation development of Changsha and supporting the modernization. The Program is designed to support companies in six fields, such as electronic information, modern logistic, new resources and energy, culture creativity and other major fields, by bringing in around 500 talents (50 leading talents, 100 senior management and R&D talents and 350 professional technical talents) to develop Changsha into a major field base, innovation base and modernized talent center.