Beidou/GNSS Deformation Monitoring Solution


Deformation monitoring is to repeatedly monitor the movement of object in a long time run. Through extracting the information of crucial parts, the deformation information is analyzed for prevention and alarming.

DeuSmart® Beidou/GNSS deformation monitoring solution is based on Beidou high precision satellite positioning and data processing technology. It collects, delivers, stores and process data of bridges, dams, electric towers and so on to provide all-day monitoring for prevention work to reduce disasters and protect public safety.

System Introduction


DeuSmart® Beidou/GNSS deformation monitoring solution consists of Beidou/GNSS receiver, Beidou/GNSS antenna, sensors, analyzing & processing software and so on to provide customers with industry solutions, realize a 24*7 multiple position monitoring on building structure and geological deformation. It supports deformation analysis and alarming, helps prevent sudden disasters.




System Consititution

The system integrates Beidou/GNSS receiver, anemoscope and other sensors. It is made up of comprehensive management system, data collecting system, data communication system, data processing system and warning system, designed to monitor dams, bridges and other buildings.




Comprehensive management system
It manages the entire system, visualize operations, allocates user permission, manages monitored data and analyze original data.


Data collecting system

It is made up of GNSS receiver, GNSS antenna and other sensors which are set at deformation monitor station for self-detection, data collection and remote control.


Data communication system
It consists of wired network, fiber, serial port, wireless bridge and 3G/4G/WiFi. A proper way to deliver data can be chosen accordingly.


Data Processing System
It is made up of PC, server system and deformation monitoring software systems. It is the data processing, monitoring and analyzing center of the entire system, which is designed for base line calculation, coordinate precision estimation and calculation.



Analysis and Alarming System
The system analyze the calculated data and generates curve. Through set limit, it gives judgment and warming, records and generates data analysis reports.

Main Hardwares



System advantage


1. High positioning accuracy
The precision of deformation monitoring reaches millimeter level. Its real-time horizontal calculation precision is less than ±3.0mm and real-time elevation calculation precision is less than ±5.0mm.

2. Highly compatible
It is compatible with Beidou, GPS and GLONASS. It supports multiple system linked automatic calculation, storage including Beidou B1/B2/B3、GPS L1/L2/L5、GLONASS L1/L2. The system can be connected to different departments for multiple stage information sharing.

3. Steady and high output frequency
The system continuously collects data for 24 hours a day and output one frame at each second. The highest frequency is 20HZ.

4. Different sensors supported, real-time internet mode
It supports sensors like anemorumbometer, barothermohygrograph and so on. The monitored and analyzed data is controlled remotely for intelligent decision making.

5. Intelligent data collection analysis
The system is able to realize data collection and analysis, real-time monitoring, deformation recording, auto calculation, real-time output and other functions.


6. Diverse early warning

It gives multiple level of warning according to the danger degree through messages, wechat and emails.


Applicable Field