Precision Agriculture Solution


According to current agricultural development condition in China, LJDY developed Beidou automatic navigation driving system, which is based on high precision navigation terminal and Beidou agricultural cloud platform software, to bring efficiency, convenience and safety to agricultural production.


Beidou Agricultural Machinery Auto-driving System


The vehicle-loaded part of the system consists of antenna, display screen, vehicle-loaded Beidou high precision positioning terminal, vehicle control, hydraulic valve (or steering wheel) and angle sensor. Through Beidou high precision satellite positioning system, the vehicle control unit controls the hydraulic system so that the vehicle will move according to the set route. Meanwhile, related diagram information will be displayed on the vehicle screen.


● It is able to work for 24 hours a day, which frees up labor and increases productivity;
● It is applicable in different agricultural production such as plowing, fertilization, harvesting and so on;
● It increases production precision to meet the requirements of standard agriculture and to increase harvesting quality;
● It is easy to operate;

● It has reliable performance.

Beidou Vehicle Plowing Depth Detector

The detector consists of operation display terminal, Beidou navigation sensor, camera and other devices to gives a real-time display plowing depth and area while recording agricultural implements condition. Through wireless network, the detector is connected to the server to form an information monitor and management system.


● It presents and delivers real-time plowing depth to the database at centimeter level;
● It locates agriculture implements and observes its condition;

● It is easy to operate;
● It has reliable performance which meets the requirement in operation.

Beidou Agricultural Cloud Platform

The Beidou agricultural cloud platform connects Beidou Satellite System, LBS station and Beidou agricultural machinery equipment for modern agricultural production. The cloud platform collects and manages the equipment information to realize positioning, scientific operation and other functions thus reduce resource waste. Meanwhile, the platform is able to collect information such as plowing depth, alarming and maintenance to save time and labor.



Beidou Agricultural Machinery Auto-driving Service Platform