Real Estate Registeration and Transaction


1. Real estate data management

According to the construction target and technical standard system of real estate registration information management platform, LJDY integrates the resource information such as land, housing construction, agriculture, forestry and ocean, and establishes the real estate registration data resource system which is interoperable at all levels for real estate registration business and information sharing service to provide information security. The real-time data dynamic update mechanism is established to ensure that real estate registration information is complete, accurate and timely.


Main task


1) To convert the established database related to real estate registration into required real estate registration information database according to the standards.

2) To extract, convert and enter real estate information and to establish standard real estate information database if there is electronic file on real estate register.

3) If there is only paper files on real estate register, establish a standard real estate information database according to the relevant regulations.


Basic principles




Data organization




Result inspection and storage

According to the relevant regulations and standards, all the digital results shall be inspected and recorded. Unqualified data should be reworked.


2. Real estate pre-qualification, registration and transaction platform

The LJDY real estate platform integrates cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things to realize business such as real estate registration application, investigation and transaction. It also gives legal sharing services among different departments to support the national real estate registration work.


Overall structure

Following the “Homeland Resource Cloud” overall structure, LJDY real estate register information management platform is based on cloud platform. It adopts cloud computing technology and cloud service to form a unified information management and service platform. It has four layers: infrastructure, platform, data resources and application to provide data storage management, sharing and registering. Meanwhile, it can provide users at city and county level with none-cloud environment application service.


1) Business scope

It covers all the real estate register business including real estate ownership, usufruct and hypothec.



2) Platform structure




Platform features


1) Clear division of business
According to the Real Estate Provisional Regulations, it clarifies the approval procedure of real estate register.


2) Convenient register service
Based on a unified business platform, procedure of approval, attached files, image and property data are able to be handled and presented jointly.

3) visualized auxiliary examination and approval
mage information and approval procedure is connected to gives a visualized assistance during approval through real-time presentation of related land or house spatial image information.

4) House and land integrated management
The integrated management is designed to visualize the register business to create a highly efficient and convenient management.