Smart Energy


For the past few years, the electric power industry in China has followed the trend of intelligentized state grid like developed countries in Europe and America which focus on the technology innovation and increase the input on intelligent grid. Smart power grid has became the new current of world grid development and revolution. In August, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang hosted the meeting of energy saving and emission reduction on climate change and requested to promote distributed energy and develop smart power grid. In March 2015, State Grid releases the 2015 smart gird project constructive suggestions, "carry on smart gird overall construction stage task, steady progress smart grid project construction". All of these prove that smart power grid construction has became the fundamental development strategy in China.

LJDY Tech has worked in power sector for a long term, studied all sorts of requests in power gird industry, and independently researched and developed the smart grid power transmission and transformation resource management platform of based on integrated 2D & 3D GIS platform, DEUGlobe . This platform integrates GIS, RS, virtual reality, IoT technology, combines multiscources and massive spatial data, achieves functions like process of basic power grid data (include coordinate transformation), quick viewing of 3D data, spatial analysis, 3D rendering, aided design, and professional analysis, supports ground & underground integrated 3D display, storage, publishing & sharing, support cloud service frame, provides perfect data service support to business system like GPMS and ERP, provides high data security and reliability. The system can build smart grid through 3D visualization and spatial information technology which makes it possible to acquire power grid information from all aspects and helps the staff to make business management and decision. As a consequence, it achieves real-time, scientific, and efficient management, improves management quality and operational efficiency, and lowers operational cost.


Product system


1. Power transmission and transformation monitor system

(1)auxiliary planning

(2)cable inspection

(3)condition monitor

(4)Video survillance

(5)Cable rush repair



2. Underground cable management system

(1)Underground cable 3D parametric modeling

(2)Basic management

(3)Malfunction repair



3. Full life cycle management system of hydropower station


(2)Real-time monitor

(3)Asset management 

(4)Emergency command



4. Management system of smart grid full process



(1)Based on basic data, it adopts technologies such as 3D GIS, distributed computing and collaborative work to build up a 3D auxiliary design optimization platform.

(2)It increases the accuracy of design evaluation and ensures the controllability of underground cable construction plan, project amount and cost.

(3)It is an intelligent working system which helps reduce labor intensity, increase efficiency and reduce construction period.

(4)It supports data sharing. 


System introduction

(1)The system provides a under- and above ground integrated grid display from different angle and level with 3D data;

(2)It shows the 3D model of grid. Roaming, zoom, information search and different angles are supported for facility search.


5. Power substation 3D auto modeling

Power substation is an important part of the grid system, which includes voltage transformation, electricity collection and delivery. As the 3D GIS platform is promoted in electricity field, a high simulation 3D model of power substation is becoming vital in the grid GIS platform. It is unable to reach a certain level of precision through traditional modeling. However, it is able to obtain data of the substation devices and realize 3D modeling through LiDAR technology, which measure the object at 500,000 points per second while obtaining the data having 2mm precision.