1. Complete training system




2. Various training styles


1>. Internal training: through establishing a professional lecturer team and introducing both external and internal lecturers, we are aiming to improve

2>. External training: we provide specific training, open classes and outdoor training to achieve training effect.

3>. Instructor system: every new employee is guided by an instructor to follow up his or her work and to help him or her to master working techniques as soon as possible.





3. Various training courses


1>. Induction training: Company culture, company introduction, company management system, company products introduction, basic finance knowledge, technical skills training, etc.

2>. Professional technology training: R&D training, marketing training, technical support training, implementation training, project management training, etc.

3>. Management skills training; basic quality, management awareness, management skills, etc.




4. Training feedback


1>. Questionnaire feedback: assess feedback on course content, lecturer and arrangement

2>. Quiz feedback: examine how much knowledge trainees have grasped.

3>. Performance appraisal feedback: assess trainees’ transformation ability on training courses through regular performance appraisal.