Smart Telecommunication


LJDY has been carrying out study of the various needs of the telecommunications industry. Based on 2D integrated GIS platform DEUGlobe ® LJDY developed a 2D&3D integrated telecommunication application system, including telecommunications local network resource management system, telecommunications resource data collection and management system. With DEUGlobe® as the core, the integration of mobile GIS technology, integration of TDS (telecommunications resource management system), BOSS (telecommunications business operations support system), integrated 3S, virtual reality, Internet of things, cloud computing technology are equipped for telecom resource processing, coordinate transformation, three-dimensional fast browsing, spatial analysis, auxiliary design, decision analysis and other functions to support the ground, underground integration of three-dimensional applications, massive data storage, service distribution and sharing.


LJDY provides the leading laser point cloud based on the station, building three-dimensional modeling, underground optical cable parametric modeling technology for basic geographic information data production, and coordinate transformation of different types, different periods, different scales, different coordinate system to meet the telecommunication business application requirements.




 Typical cases


 ·  Second stage of Shenzhen telecommunication asset management project