Smart Urban Management


Based on “digital urban management”platform, Smart urban management retains the original advantages and improve its mechanism and technology. It integrates RFID Internet of Things, 3G/4G communication, spatial information, cloud computing, big data analysis technology and other cutting-edge technologies to expand automation and intelligentialization in urban management. Smart urban management realized a detailed management in space, components, personnel and process, which helps local government improve public service and industrial structure transformation.





According to the standards with the MOHURD, LJDY established the Smart Urban Management Platform which combined cloud computing, Internet of Things, wireless communication and video transmission to build a platform including urban management, law enforcement, municipal administration, landscaping and other information.


Core application system construction

Basic application system expansion
  • 1)Collection personnel dynamic monitoring sub system
  • 2)3D presentation sub system
  • 3)Video monitoring and sharing sub system
  • 4)Online components update sub system
  • 5)OA sub system
  • 6)Leader mobile supervision sub system
  • 7)GPS vehicle monitoring sub system
  • 8)mobile examination and assessment management sub system
  • 9)Business text message sub system
Urban management system expansion construction 
1) Intelligent video analysis sub system
2) Outdoor advertisement management sub system
3) Landscaping management sub system
4) Ancient or famous trees management sub system
5) Urban environmental sanitation management sub system
6) Illegal building management sub system
7) “Three responsibilities in front of doors” of each citizen management sub system
8) Vehicle loaded GPS monitoring commanding sub system
9) Urban management law enforcement system
10)Urban management government affairs informatization.

Urban management public service platform


1)public interactive service portal


2)Wechat/Weibo connecting system

3)Urban management photo taking

Innovation application system


1)Unified public service platform
2)Unified positioning management platform
3)Unified APP platform

Basic data investigation and construction


1)Urban unit grid division and coding
2)Comprehensive data general investigation
3)Investigation range and content