Smart Pipeline Rack


Based on self-developed DEUGlobe®2D&3D integrated GIS platform and experience in pipeline information construction, LJDY aims to improve the integrated pipeline rack intelligence level and build the best domestic management platform of pipeline rack.




1. Obtain real-time environment and monitoring data, surveillance data, pipeline monitoring data, communication and operation data. Integrate the obtained data with GIS to realize unified management and linkage control.

2. Based on various real-time monitoring data to realize a dynamic control of pipeline rack operation environment.

3. Based on 3D GIS technology to analyze and operate the emergency plan for various management requirements.

4. requirements for daily management, simplification of approval process and improved management efficiency.



System Components




1. Environment and device monitor system

It includes temperature sensor, humidity sensor, toxic gas detecting sensor, water level monitor, water pump control, blower monitor, light monitor, power supply unit monitor and so on. The system is able to monitor the condition of different devices and environment in the pipeline rack. Through linkage control, the pipeline rack will stay in a safe environment.


2. Security surveillance system

It includes entrance management, intrusion alarm, staff positioning, remote broadcast, emergency communication, video surveillance and automatic fire alarm, which provides effective help for routine examination and emergency handling.


3. Pipeline monitoring system

It includes the real-time monitoring of water supply, water discharge, electricity, pipeline pressure, flow and temperature, which provides a scientific and reliable support for routine examination and emergency handling.


4. Robot smart inspection

An automatic walking style is adopted to inspect the pipeline rack continuously. Based on video, infrared ray, gas analysis and other methods, the inspection range can be enlarged. In emergency condition, remote control is taken to replace manual operation in dangerous cases.




1. Management, analysis and decision making are visualized
2. Highly integrated and unified managed
3. Management on full service circle
4. Full emergency protection
5. System security and open service are both equipped.