Smart Pipeline Network


Based on advanced GIS technology and experience accumulated in the past years, LJDY focuses on underground pipeline data and provides solutions on information construction to fulfill various needs in pipeline planning, design, examination and approval, construction, operation and maintenance. LJDY aims to realize efficient supervision, well-organized construction and standard management of underground pipeline.




Based on self-developed DEUGlobe ® 2D & 3D integrated GIS platform and experience in pipeline information construction, LJDY put forward an overall solution called "a platform, two projects, three systems and four units".


Supported by precise detecting and positioning, the underground pipeline operation status is detected. An integrated information platform is built along with a dynamic update and management mechanism to provide data sharing and exchanging, management supporting service for government policy makers, pipeline competent organization, secondary units and other relevant departments. In this way, a real- time exchange, sharing, smart analysis and update of underground pipeline data will be realized to serve city planning and management. The ultimate purpose is to achieve high efficient monitoring, well-organized construction and standard management.


System introduction


A platform

The platform is based on pipeline network data management and service to connect to other applications such as smart urban management, smart medical service, smart transportation and each pipeline management units. It also connects major departments in government of related province, city and counties for mutual connection and information sharing.




Two Projects

1) Conduct an overal investigation on undergroud pipeline to obtain accurate position

and property data, to fully master the pipeline operation status, to find out dangerous

points and to define the liability of concerned units.


2) Monitor pipelines of water supplying and discharging, gas, etc. Through arranging

different sensing devices, flow, pressure, liquid level and other parameters will be

obtained to provide real-time and reliable data for emergency operation and



Three systems

The pipeline data management system, integrated management system and operation monitoring system support the entire pipeline service life management  from pipeline planning and design, to replacement.


Four units

Through perfecting policy and regulations, standard specification, safety management and operation/maintenance service, the underground pipeline information system will operate efficiently and continuously.


Solution advantages


1) Suppliers for comprehensive solutions of Smart Pipeline System 




2) Tested through large-scale projects

Harbin smart pipeline integrated management systemDemonstration project of "Urban Integrated Smart Pipeline Network" for Ministry of Housing"

This project is the first domestic capital city pipeline management system constructed by LJDY. Supported by DEUGlobe 2D&3D integrated GIS platform, it manages mass pipeline data including 25000km length, over 70 responsible units and 17 types of pipelines. The data after 3D modeling is around 500G and now reaches to 1.2T, which is the biggest pipeline project in China and runs steadily for over 2 years.


3) Self-developed 3D GIS platform with  powerful functions 


Typical cases