High Performance spatial processing

DEUHP® high performance spatial data processing tool combines both software and hardware to process massive spatial data at a high performance. It provides spatial data projection transformation, geometric correction, edge snap and image dodging, of which the performance is 100 times better than other products of the same type. 



System Features 


1. Cocurrent processing of CPU and GPU, data processing speed is near 1T flops/s;

2. Broadband transmission speed is near 140GB/s;

3. Sampling of Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear Interpolation and Cubic Convolution is supported;

4. Transformation model of four parameter and seven parameter is supported;                                          
5. Performance is increased sharply especially in massive data processing;
6. Fault-tolerant technique is supported and algorithm is customizable;

7. Low cost;

8. Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly and adaptable to different conditions;
9. Integrated solution of software and hardware.






1. Vector projection transformation                                  
2. Image projection transformation
3. Channel operation
4. Ortho-rectification
5. Image dodging
6. Slope and aspect calculation
7. Resampling
8. Geometric correction
9. Filtering