Spatial Data Coordinate Transformation

Supported by experts and specialists in surveying and mapping field of Wuhan University, LJDY developed DeuSmart® DEU2000® coordinate transformation software. Through years of update and application, LJDY achieved lots of experience in large scale product coordinate transformation (1:500 to 1:2000). LJDY provides customers with overall solutions in CGCS 2000 coordinates transformation, which has been applied in surveying and mapping, electricity, planning and other fields.



1. DEU2000 ® supports different transformation model and projection modes, which is independent from other GIS platforms with proprietary intellectual property rights. There is no need to install plugins, which ensures the parameter and data confidentiality.
2. Its data precision reaches the requirement listed in the Technical Guide on Transforming Present Surveying and Mapping Results into CGCS 2000. Some are even superior to the Technical Guide. 


1. The transformation model and the precision of transformed results are as required as the Technical Guide;
2It is independently developed and independent from other GIS platform software;
3It is the only software being recommended in the national GIS software evaluation;
4It supports different data transformation models, scales from 1:500 to 1:1000000, different spatial data formats, various spatial database, transformation of different coordinate systems and massive data, projection modes, multiple raster resample and translation;
5It supports automatic splicing and cutting of standard division range and multiple window comparison of data before and after transformation;
6High performance computing is provided to increase the processing speed;
7It provides secondary development and supports calling from windows / Linux and C + +, C #, JAVA and other language.