2D & 3D Integrated GIS Platform

Based on 4D data, DEUGlobe® 2D & 3D Integrated GIS Platform is a customizable platform which integrates 3S applications, commercial spatial data and real-time communication technology. With "cloud computing" as a network provider, it gives a 3D visualized management to present the geographic spatial information, connect to industry data and application module and realize a comprehensive 3D application on geographic information data and industry data.


DEUGlobe® Tools

DEUGlobe® Tools manages various types of original data into a standard format and publishes the processed data to the server.

1. Efficient pre-processing algorithm, optimize and reorganize data structure of the geometric features and texture features;
2. Ensure a presentation of the pre-processed data at 3D client end at the highest efficiency and best effect;
3. Various types, formats, scales and time phases of geographic data are supported.
DEUGlobe® Server

Based on “cloud computing”, DEUGlobe® Server is able to manage and publish distributed data, publish 3D spatial data efficiently to different ends and analyze or explore spatial data at high performance.

1. Cloud structure is supported;
2. Server cluster is supported. The server cluster works as an integration to provide data service. Its topological structure is transparent to the client;
3. Smart load balance is supported to ensure the maximized data concurrency within the limited hardware resources;
4. Flexible increase or decrease of server nodes is supported;
5. Data server provides data service based on public protocol, which can be deployed in LAN and WAN;
6. Deployed in linux 64 system, security and concurrency are ensured;
7. Standard OGC service is supported.

DEUGlobe® Explorer

DEUGlobe® Explorer obtain server data through network to present, search, measure and analyze the real-time 3D view.

1. Integrate and present massive spatial data of multiple dimensions, resources, scales, time phases, underground and ground. 

2. Render at high performance to realize massive and high-dense data display.

3. Support dynamic LOD: dynamic loading releases platform function from data size.

4. Integrates standard OGC service.

DEUGlobe® SDK provides a secondary interface for development. Users are able to encapsulate and design the interface to fulfill the requirement of different projects.


1. A standard C++ application programming interface is provided for trans-platform development;
2. A COM-based application programming interface is provided which is compatible all windows programming languages;
3. Massive code examples are provided for secondary programming and learning.