In 2009, Wuhan LJDY Technology Co., Ltd. (LJDY) was founded by returning scholar from Germany and registered as innovative and high-tech Grade A surveying and mapping enterprise in Wuhan East Lake National Innovative Demonstration Zone. LJDY aims to achieve technical fusion based on "3S(GIS/GNSS/RS)+C(Communication)" and enterprise-university-institute cooperation by joining hands with both domestic and overseas research institutes, such as Wuhan University, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, National Engineering Research Center for Satellite Positioning System, and Stuttgart University in Germany. LJDY also tries to provide all sorts of products and services on the GIS industry chain such as "fast acquisition and process of spatial data", "integrated management and update", "sharing and publishing service", and "3D application".In February 2015, LJDY listed on "New-three Board",Stock code: 832170.

Basing itself on Beidou Ground-Based Augmentation, with 3D technology as the leading technology and traditional geographical information as the foundation, LJDY focuses on professional foundation software platform of geographical information R&D and industrial application development, undertaking large-scale industrial informatization projects and providing 2D and 3D professional application and service of enterprise mass data.

The Deu Smart serial products self-researched and developed by LJDY have been broadly applied to provide comprehensive solutions combining 2D and 3D technology for the Smart City, to expand the application of Beidou high-precision navigation and positioning technology and in other areas such as mapping, electricity, water conservation, public security, transportation, etc.

The Deu Smart serial products swept the market with its distinguishable advantages, winning applause from customers and counterparts. By expanding the technical advantages in a niche market and differentiating itself, LJDY has set a new model of rapid development for 3S enterprises.

LJDY aims to become the best 3D innovative application enterprise in China by maintaining its technological lead, perfecting its service and providing a harmonious environment of competition for its partners and itself. With 3D GIS technology as its core technology, LJDY will modify Beidou application and dedicate itself to serving the Smart City strategy, creating a bright future of GIS industry with all partners.